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UN ‘Net Grab Smacked Down

U.S. to retain oversight of Web

"No new organizations were created," said David Gross, the State Department’s Internet policy chief and head of the U.S. delegation. "No oversight mechanisms were established by anyone over anyone. There was also no change in the U.S. government’s role in relation to the Internet, and no mechanism for such a change was created.

"It was a clean sweep, I’d say."

This ain’t over by a long shot, but it’s good to see Bolton’s crew didn’t cave in any way in this attempt by countries like China, Cuba and Iran to seize control of the free flow of information and hand it over to some pissant pack of corruptible lackeys at the UN; an organization that–nevermind the "Oil for Food" debacle–has accomplished jack shit in its lifetime of overseeing NGOs meant to do good. I dare anyone to point to something operating under the UN’s aegis that has actually succeeded in its mission…unless "success" is measured at pissing away US tax dollars and pissing off US citizens.

Turtle Bay exists solely as a welfare program for dipshit diplomats. We should evict them from their East Side digs, then blow the dump up and sell the property to Trump. He’d make better use of that money pit than the current tenants ever have, and we’d get tax dollars instead of frittering them away to boot! That’s a “Win/Win,” if you ask me.

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