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Archive for "Nov 11 2005"

MSM: Old, Busted, but Still Good for Laughs

Did you know that any black person involved in lighting cars, schools and various businesses on fire in ghettos, while doing battle on the street with “the man” is, automatically, straight outta Compton, even if the riot’s going down in Frogtown?

Newsbusters: CNN’s Carol Lin and the French “African-Americans”

Explain that little slip of the Freudian tongue, toots.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Driven from Ground Zero after some of its art was judged anti-American, the Drawing Center got a big consolation prize yesterday – up to $10 million in federal funds.

Lower Manhattan Development Corp. officials said the money would help the organization buy or lease another site in lower Manhattan and prepare the space.

They got their asses booted from the Ground Zero redevelopment scheme because they wouldn’t agree to refrain from featuring art that 9-11 familes might consider offensive or disrespectful, so these LMDC schmucks wanna give ’em 10 million federal “recovery” bucks to find a new home of their own somewhere else in the neighborhood. Where they can feature whatever vile “art” they want. On the public’s dime.

Hey, LMDC? How about using the money to do what you’re supposed to be doing: fix that hole in the ground and help the area’s businesses that were wrecked on that day get back on their feet!

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