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Doing the Civic Duty

Well, I’m glad that’s out of the way. (Note to dog owners: Don’t bring your pooch to the polls unless, like me, you enjoy pissing off the folks working there…and your dog is amazingly cute and will snarl–not bark, just bare his teeth and issue a sound that says “cool it, asshole”–if anyone raises their voice that is not you.)

Here’s how it went:

Mayor–Bloomie. Like I would ever vote for an idiot two-time loser like Freddy, who yesterday was stumping with Barack Obama–someone I am positive most NYC residents mistook for a campaign aide until told otherwise, and still didn’t give a shit who he was. Bloomie (and PD Commish Kelly) kept driving down the crime stats, and is taming the city’s education establishment beast. Ferrer would nuke that kind of progress within a year if he managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat and win. Thankfully, he’s gonna lose in what will probably be an epically one-sided proportion.

Public Advocate–Bernie Goetz. Nothing against Betsy Gotbaum, but the idea of whack-a-doodle Bernie becoming mayor if something happened to Bloomie, even if only for a short time, was too delicious to pass up.

Comptroller–Bill Thompson. Seems like a capable enough fellow, and anyway, who the hell really cares about what the city comptroller says or does? Besides, he’s gonna be running for mayor in ’09; keep him in the public eye.

SI Borough President–Jimmy Molinaro. The only vote I casted without any hesitation. I’ve run into the Beep dozens of times, dating back to his days as (the evil) Guy V’s #2. He’s a decent, no BS fellow who gets things done. Plus, the last time I ran into him was in St. Vinnie’s emergency room: his grandson(?) had cracked his melon skateboarding or something, and I’d had an argument with a circ saw and sliced my arm open. I see him and say, “Hey, Jimmy.” He looks at me and says, “What’d you do now, Red?” That clown Luisi stinks of polished lawyer/politician; Jimmy smells like a bag of zeppolis and a beer. Total no-brainer.

City Council (49th)–Mike McMahon. My personal “hold your nose” vote. The Repubs put up a patronage hack left over from the Team Molinari days, who wouldn’t be able to get jack shit done for the North Shore in a Democrat controlled City Council. McMahon may be an opportunistic asskisser (how the fuck could you endorse Giffy, Mickey?) when he thinks it serves his purpose, but his tenure in the Council gives him some juice in the chamber.

(related: Who wants to bet that Jim Oddo, starting tomorrow, begins to gear up to run for mayor next time out?)

Prop One–No. Give Shelly “The Scumbag” Silver and “Curruptible” Joe Bruno the keys to the state fisc? Fuck this!

Prop Two–No. The MTA intends to totally shortchange Staten Island’s transportation needs if given the dough, so for me it’s a no-go. And the state’s already got enough debt to deal with, so adding more to the pile makes no sense.

Prop Three–Yes. There is no good reason why these folks shouldn’t have to abide by a code of conduct.

Prop Four–Yes. Basically the same reason I said “Yes” to Three; if these FEA controls aren’t codified in the Charter, you just know the city’s finances will go straight into the shitter the minute after they get sunsetted.

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