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Archive for "Nov 04 2005"

He Should Be in Jail

Staten Island Ferryboat Captain Speaks to CBS 2

If you are familiar with the St. George ferry slips, and how the boats make their approach, and where the Barberi ended up, you know this guy’s head was up his ass in the final minutes before disaster struck. He should have known something was going wrong when he didn’t feel the engines cut out as the boat was supposed to be getting lined up to enter the slip. This bastard was sitting in the rear pilot house jerking off, and didn’t realize something was wrong until the boat hit the service dock. If he was at least looking out a goddamn window he would have realized something horribly wrong was going on.

He cut a deal to roll over on his boss, Patrick Ryan, that allowed him to walk way with only having to do some community service and losing his captain’s license for–count ’em–three lousy years, while Ryan went down on a manslaughter rap, along with assistant pilot Richard Smith, even though the ferry was supposed to be operating under his command.

And he doesn’t believe he got off light:

I worked for the city of New York for 13 years within many different capacities; received outstanding performance evaluations in every single capacity. It’s just very disheartening, and it’s just wrong what they did.

He thinks HE was somehow also a victim in this?

Fuck him. He should be rotting in Rikers.

UPDATE: local reax from a real victim’s kin here.

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Freddy Ferrer is SO Gonna Lose

There’s been two debates, and Freddy never laid anything even remotely resembling a solid body blow. He constantly tries to attach Bloomie to Bush and the national Republican Party, when everyone in the city who isn’t brain dead knows Nanny is in no way, shape or form a true believer; he’s the RINO poster boy (witness the presence of hapless bastard Thomas Ognibene running under the Conservative Party banner). Hell, even among NYC Democrats, who outnumber registered Repubs 5-1, Ferrer trails.

Every worthwhile newspaper in town has endorsed Nanny Bloomie, and all the pre-election poll shows Ferrer about to be slaughtered in such epic porportions that Rudy-philes are grumbling that his massive stomping of Ruth Messinger back in ’97 may fall to second place in the annals of NYC mayoral election beatdowns.

The only card Freddy has left to play is the race card (see: Sharpton, “Dancing Al”). And that ain’t working too well, either. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Ferrer trails Bloomie 51-42 among likely black voters. Even among his supposed core Hispanic supporters, Freddie only holds a 51-40 lead.

I think that lead is about to go up in smoke, because the mayor of the largest town in the city’s unofficial sixth borough, Puerto Rico, along with Roberto Clemente Jr., son of the baseball legend (who I believe both have more juice with Hispanic voters than any two-time loser like Freddy could ever hope to muster), last night announced their endorsement of Bloomberg.

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