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Archive for "Nov 01 2005"

Freddy Ferrer is SO Gonna Lose

Freddy’s new campaign ad that has some people freaking out is another attempt to put Nanny Bloomie in President Bush’s pocket, which is just too ridiculous a position to use as a campaign cornerstone. And the ad itself (Quicktime version here) is nothing more than a crude ripoff of the style made popular by the JibJab guys, without the requisite humor.

The truly weird Ferrer ad is the “Sharpton/Salsa” one…WTF is that about? Sharpie dancing in front of a bus? That is supposed to convince someone to vote for you, Freddy? I wanted the bus driver to step on the gas and run that self-serving moron down! Every time you remind people Sharpton is backing your campaign, Bloomie’s numbers probably go up. The dude’s a race-baiting buffoon.

Who the hell is advising this clown car of a campaign that this kind of juvenile crap will work?

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Christmas Comes Early

First, Theo Epstein tell Lucchino to drop dead and quits. Shirt rending and hair pulling among feckless Fenway fuckwits ensues. All good!

Next, this lovely package arrived in the other day’s mail:

The Yankees have informed Neil Allen he will not return as bullpen coach, further proof that Billy Connors has quickly fallen out of favor with George Steinbrenner.

If Mel Stottlemyre had retired last year, Allen likely would have been his replacement because of Connors’ backing, which Steinbrenner has long considered as good as gold. But when the Yankees decided to demote Allen this past week, Connors said he wasn’t even informed, let alone consulted. “I just heard about it today,” he said yesterday.

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