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Archive for "Oct 13 2005"

The “Reality Distortion Field” in All It’s Unbridled Glory

Man, even though I’ll always be a Woz guy, I gotta offer approving nods and enthusiatic golf claps toward the Jobs.

He knows exactly how to play the game.

Apple Gets “Desperate”:

For as little as $1.99 a show, television junkies will be able to download new and old episodes of some of the more popular shows on ABC and the Disney Channel. In a bold move, the latest installments will be made available to iTunes users the very next day.

Hey, Redmond? What’cha gonna do now?

UPDATE: Lileks nails what it’s like to be in total thrall to the Mothership:

You know what it’s like to have the Kool-Aid not only going in via feeding tube and IV, but shot through a catheter at volumes normally associated with pressure-washers?

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Air America Idiot Update

Can you seriously call it “Air America Minnesota” when the morning and afternoon drive slots–the two most important, ratings and revenue-wise, pieces of any day’s programming schedule–are NOT produced, or in any way affiliated with, the actual Air Idiot netlet?

Rhodes was shoved into tape delay on the graveyard shift in favor of Ed Schultz, and now “Morning Sedition” is getting thrown overboard in favor of Stephanie Miller.

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The Story From the House of Torre

No, not Joe. As it currently stands, the skipper won’t be talking until next week. But his older brother Frank had plenty to say yesterday. After addressing the whole “does Joe stay or go?” imbroglio, Big Frank aimed both barrels at my favorite–if you could call him that–Tampa Mafia scumbag:

“He’s got that character (Billy Connors) in Tampa that he (Steinbrenner) thinks is a genius,” Torre said. “I want to know exactly what pitcher has been developed. Unless they want to take credit for Wang. Everybody forgets the four or five pitchers they had to put on the mound before they hit on Small and Chacon.”

“If Billy Connors or anybody else in Tampa, or anybody else period, have any comments, whether positive or negative – we’re all on the same team and we all, I think, are trying to do the same thing – it would be much better if the discussions took place in front of those people, not behind their back,” Frank Torre said.

“It’s almost people cheering that they don’t do well.”

Badda-Bing! Testify, paisan!

(cross posted on the Darkside.)

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