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Archive for "Oct 07 2005"

I Hope They Got the Extended Warranty

Ferry conks out, towed back to S.I.

Fer chrissakes, that boat’s been in service for less than five months! Is there a Lemon Law covering this kind of shit?

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Captain Obvious Strikes Again

Duh. The more the Dems kiss up to their lunatic fringe, like those lurking in the bowels of DU, Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats and Daily Kos-ikstan, the more they’ll lose. Color me shocked someone had to perform a “study” to elaborate such an obvious fact:

The liberals’ hope that Democrats can win back the presidency by drawing sharp ideological contrasts and energizing the partisan base is a fantasy that could cripple the party’s efforts to return to power, according to a new study by two prominent Democratic analysts.

In the latest shot in a long-running war over the party’s direction — an argument turned more passionate after Democrat John F. Kerry’s loss to President Bush last year — two intellectuals who have been aligned with former president Bill Clinton warn that the only way back to victory is down the center.

Report Warns Democrats Not to Tilt Too Far Left

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