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Archive for "Oct 06 2005"

Riddle Me This

I promised a hack access, and Newsday sent a perfectly fine shutter chickie and I let her in to take pics. With her kid holding light meters.

Who will fuck up first? Who deserves the beating?

Tune in tomorrow….

UPDATE 10/7–7:45am: Well, she screwed me. The piece didn’t mention the Darkside. I even told her, “I’m not kidding around, Lindsay. If you’re sending a photographer out to my house you better hype the site. We wouldn’t even be talking right now if you didn’t post that request of yours there.”

She said, “Yes, definitely I’ll include it.” Lieing sack of shit. Like I needed another reason to hate Newsday reporters. If the print version doesn’t have a pic of me and/or the chair in there, it’s war, toots.

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Can’t Tell the Players if Ya Ain’t Got a Scorecard

Kitty obsessed (attention: FARKers!) Laurence, Chief Delineator of all that Is Full of Crap has up Who’s rooting for whom? which breaks down where the blogs are rooting in the baseball playoffs.

(Note to Laurence: If the Tampa Mafia weren’t so corruptably fucked in the brainpan, at least one of both Houston’s and Chicago’s starters would still be wearing Pinstripes. In your Astros case, you fucks would be toast. Chicago…hell, who other than Castro knows how old those two bastards are?)

Freddy Ferrer is SO Gonna Lose

How screwed up can a campaign be? With one hand, they’re yelling and screaming about some shitty debate at the Apollo, playing the race card for all they think it’s worth, and with the other hand they’re pulling a boner move like this:

An invitation to a Ferrer campaign meeting this weekend was accidentally faxed yesterday to Island Republicans and others with GOP links, including Rep. Vito Fossella, Borough President James Molinaro and District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

“Our campaign depends on your support and I would like to hear your thoughts regarding the progress of the campaign thus far and where you hope to see it heading in the final weeks of the race,” the fax reads.

Ferrer flub has Island GOP grinning

This will probably be the funniest thing I read today, unless I go check out the BoSox blogs after the Olde Towne Team’s Chicago shutout.

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