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Archive for "Sep 29 2005"

The Empire Strikes Back

Fall Back!
now grasping for first…and that little twirp Catalanotto smacks your rock star around…in the process the Yanks get a relative breather today…you jackasses were begging for it.


You had them throwing out the first pitch last night?

Be-fucking-hold! the power of Darth Boss George…Rubes!

I Love This Game!

(throw bricks over at the operational Death Star)

Freddy Ferrer is SO Gonna Lose

I love mayoral elections!

Freddie (or “Fernando!,” depending where he’s campaigning) has pretty much already announced he’s written us off, which gives him the “Dinkins 2” stank that Mayor Mike’s campaign might not outwardly focus on, but as sure as the Outerbridge traffic backs up, the local politicos backing him are gonna use that stick to whack Freddy upside the head.

But these are two good (and long overdue) moves that Bloomie can openly use to hammer Freddy closer to registering lower percentages than even the Dinkins crew drew:

NYPD Adds Fourth Police Precinct On Staten Island

The city’s fastest growing borough will finally be getting a new police precinct – its fourth – and Mayor Bloomberg was on hand Wednesday to personally make the announcement.

M.T.A. to Build Third Depot for Staten Island Bus Service

In a boon for Staten Island residents who have demanded more frequent bus service, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Gov. George E. Pataki announced yesterday that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority would spend $110 million to build a third bus depot in the borough…. Only 2 of the city’s 18 bus depots are in Staten Island….

Where a bus is the only way besides the ferry to commute to another borough in the subway-riddled “city” that we hand over our tax dollars expecting equal treatment from.

The cop shop is platinum, and the bus depot is gold. We’re sitting out here with a city the size of Pittsburgh–the fastest growing county in the state, population-wise–and the rest of the city, especially the fucking macher assholes running the Dem machine from their hootches in Manhattan and Harlem, still think this is the land of fucking hicks.

We kick the other boroughs’ asses in all sorts of demographics. A third of the cops and firefighters live here; we average a better income, and a quarter of our borough consists of parks. Our schools score in the better numbers. Fer chrissakes, even the fucking Mob moved here because they were tired of the bullshit in Little It and Brooklyn! WE are the place where all those middle class joes everyone says makes up a city’s lifeblood wants to go to live and bring up their kids.

And we will stomp any asshats who try ignoring us. Which is just what Freddy, “I went to public schools” Ferrer has pretty paved proof it’s what he’s gonna do.

And nothing party hack morons like Lavelle and McMahon say will change it.

KABLAMM! You’re a dead fish in a barrel.

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