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Gunga Danga Can’t Let Go

He still doesn’t get it, our man Dan. As Ace puts it, “It is perfect, delicious irony that Dan Rather, scourge of Dick Nixon, is now spending his winter years pacing around muttering to himself about dark conspiracies against him.”

“There are some strange, and to me, still mysterious things, certainly unexplained things that happened about how it got attacked and why, even before the program was over,” Rather said, adding that his network was derelict in not “knowing enough of how quickly bloggers could strike.”

Look old boy, let me explain it as plainly as I can: anyone from your age group seeing those docs on a TV screen might have bought them as legit, but people familiar with word proccessing/desktop publishing apps thought they looked oddly clean to be produced on a typewriter from that era. And then you morons posted the suckers and opened them up to some forensic scrutiny.

You thought you had a smoking gun; problem was, it blew up in your face. Now go pace the halls at Black Rock and mutter to Murrow’s portrait for solace.

read the rest of Danno’s dementia over at Newsbusters:

Rather: CBS ‘Doesn’t Want Me to’ Pursue Bush Guard Story.

UPDATE: His partner Mary Mapes is swimming along in the same Eygptian river as Danny Boy.

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