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Archive for "Sep 21 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

Being on Air Idiot’s mailing list sometimes delivers unintentional comedy gold.
Case in point: This just hit my inbox:

Dear Air America Radio Listener,

When we launched the Air America Radio network one year ago, the country was being talked to death by conservative zealots like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and others. Right Wing radio saturated every media market and every community – a dominance of the airwaves that has been a huge part of what allowed the Right Wing to:

*Drag America into the Iraq war.
*Open up the Arctic National Refuge for oil drilling.

*Take over both houses of Congress.

*And, of course, win the 2004 Presidential election.

Rather than wait for the Right Wing to run out of breath, we launched Air America Radio to give the country back its voice. Thanks to listeners like you, we have a presence on 70 stations covering 60% of U.S. media markets. Air America Radio currently offers 15 shows and runs 24 hours a day of entertaining – at times irreverent – but always enlightening programming.

To continue this great success story and start shaping the national debate the way that Right Wing talk radio does every day, we’ve got to reach into every community in this country. We know we can’t achieve this next stage of growth without significant help from you, our loyal listeners.

We’ve also been asked on many occasions by our listeners how they can help out. Today we are launching a new program called AIR AMERICA ASSOCIATES that gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Be still my heart…. Tell me more!
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More Fingerboard Follies

Hey, you idiots running a Wagner College patronage mill masquerading as a newspaper assholes who call yourselves “editors” at the Staten Island Advance? You jackassed no-talent hacks, who hire your kids and your friends’ kids, while your subscribers flee in disgust? Yeah, you doofs. I wanna let you lazy shits in on a secret:

It’s called “proof-reading,”
not “run a spell check and shove it through the press.”

Storm grows viscous in the Gulf

Dolts. I could let something this stupid slide buried somewhere in the copy, because it’s been obvious for a long time you punks don’t read your own junk, but a fucking headline?

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Psycho of the South Shoots Off Mouth

Whatever CNN’s paying Wolf Blitzer, he damn well earned it Monday, interviewing Ted Turner about his recent trip to North Korea.
A taste (emphasis mine):

Blitzer: “What about those ground to ground missiles that they have, and the CIA-“
Turner: “They can’t reach us.”
Blitzer: “Well, they can reach Japan. They can reach South Korea. They can reach a lot of our allies-“
Turner: “They can’t reach the USA, and we can pound them into, into oblivion in 24 hours.”
Blitzer: “But, you don’t want to get, you don’t want to get to that. There are some estimates, by the way, that could reach Alaska.”
Turner: “Well, what, the Aleutian Islands? There’s nothing up there but a few sea lions.”
Blitzer: “Well, you know, this is a serious issue. I hope you’re right, as I said-“
Turner: “I know it’s a serious issue. I mean, I didn’t go over there to waste my time.”

I can imagine Wolfie thinking, “No, but you’re sure wasting mine, you raving nutbag.”

more (plus audio) here.

I wonder which, Teddy or “Crisco Express” Jane, decided the other one was too nutty to live with anymore?

(via Van Helsing at Moonbattery)

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