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Air America Idiot Update

Randy Mastro’s wielding his shovel, and Air Idiot’s ditch keeps getting deeper:

Former Air America Executive Denounces Transfers of Funds From Bronx Club

Mr. Goodfriend said he was threatened with lawsuits when he refused to comply with the demands of several current investors, including entrepreneur Doug Kreeger and a Florida attorney who currently hosts a radio program on Air America, J. Michael Papantonio.

“I was told my life would be made very difficult if I didn’t sign the document,” Mr. Goodfriend testified. “I understood it to mean that they are all a lot richer and than I and could afford lawyers and could sue me whether they had a case or not. And that I would lose a lot of money as a result or that they would try to get the government to prosecute me or something of that nature.”

The investors, old and new, knew about the Gloria Wise dough back in beginning months of the Air Idiot experiment. It’s why so many of the original executive team walked or were forced out the door. All the official denials and explanations from the Piquant team are falling apart as the people there in the beginning tell their tales to cover their asses.

How much longer can the Old Grey Lady and the rest of the MSM ignore this? Is it really going to take a bizzard of indictments to be issued before they will acknowledge that their ultra-hyped pets, the Left’s “progressive” radio reaction to Rush, has its back up against the wall and is facing a firing squad for stealing a page from Enron’s playbook?

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