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Archive for "Sep 17 2005"

Monkey Business in the Heartland

Where is that chimp champion Matthew Broderick when he’s needed?

Three chimpanzees from Zoo Nebraska near Royal were shot and killed by the zoo director after the animals escaped their cage.

Try telling me Frank J. wasn’t behind this…. He’s had it in for monkeys since his fever dreaming Jersey yoot. And fer chrissakes, he’s on Rove’s mailing list.
(Why is there a chopper circling above my house?)

The bodies of the chimpanzees will be taken to St. Louis for necropsy. They want to figure out why they didn’t respond to the tranquilizers.

“Necropsy,” not “autopsy”? I smell an ID-influenced editor blurring the truth….

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“People, We’ve Lost Us a Llama”

…and a certain retired Moonbat hunter has also abandoned his post.

Where Are Steve and Bill?

Hurricane Katrina: The Song

Cop alarms ring out in the bayou night
Enter Raymond Nagin from the City Hall.
He sees New Orleans washed away in the flood,
Cries out, "My God, Bush killed them all!"
Here comes the story of the Hurricane,
Now watch the authorities try to blame
Each other, for what they should have done.
It’s Hiroshima now, but one time it could-a been
The crossroads of the world.

a brilliant satiric parody from Mr. Snitch!

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