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Archive for "Sep 16 2005"

Freddy Ferrer is SO Gonna Lose

He might not be a veteran at playing the political game, but he sure as hell learns quick:

Mayor Bloomberg, breaking with President George W. Bush and other Republicans, said today he opposes Senate confirmation of John Roberts to be the U.S.’s chief justice because the judge declined to detail his views on abortion rights.

First of all, he didn’t “break” with anybody; he’s the RINO posterboy. But he just put Ferrer in what I think is an uncomfortable position: If he mimics Bloomberg’s position–and reporters are tracking him down right now and asking the question–Freddy risks alienating members of his race-based “base” in the Latino and African-American communities, whose Latino members, especially, tend to include many devout Catholics, and Black churches are the real influence, not race-baiting schmucks like Sharpton (or ex-Panther Charley Barron, who’s already pissed off at Sharpton for not backing Virginia Fields, and might tell his acolytes to stay home in protest) in motivating that community to go to the polls. If Sharpton had any juice at all, there wouldn’t be a question about having to hold a runoff.

Bloomie? Staking out that position makes it easier for liberal Manhattan Democrats already inclined to vote for him to pull the lever, and as far as Bloomie offending his base by opposing Roberts? Get real; Mayor Mike ain’t got one. What’s treated as his “core constituency” is Rudy Guliani’s, and there’s just no way in hell they’ll switch sides or stay home because of this. Rudy will campaign for Bloomberg (he’s already in most of the television spots that are running), and drive home what allowing Ferrer and the tax happy NYC Dems getting back City Hall’s keys would mean, and, while some of them may not like doing it, they’ll go to the polls and make sure that doesn’t happen.

New York Daily News – Breaking News – Mike splits with Bush, GOP; opposes Roberts for Court

The 15 Minutes Are Finally Up

Whack-a-doodle Mother Sheehan has, finally, said the kind of moonbatty bullshit that will, thankfully, end her Warholian moment on the American MSM stage and shove her ass onto the fringe–where she belongs and feels most at home–in a rambling post over on the Ham Hoover’s website:

George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power.

Bush was catching shit from the Left for not immediately sending the National Guard and 82nd Airborne in to save those folks, and here’s their newly-minted Godmother calling these soldiers an occupying army that should immediately be withdrawn. And then what, toots?

Wow…. This outfit gonna clean up booking her college lecture tour. Student activity funds are gonna fucking flow, I tell ya! All they have to do is arrange a twin bill with her and FakeChief Roaring Asshole and they’ll practically be printing their own Benjamins.

(heads up on FakeChief crawling out from under his rock courtesy of Brainster, who gave her loony riff a bit of a fisking over at Lifelike Pundits.)

“Gay Penguins?” It was Just a Phase

Somehow, this is gonna get blamed on a born again veterinarian. I’m sure there’ll be an uproar in Chelsea and on Castro Street over this bit of news:

Roy and Silo, the two famous gay penguins at New York’s Central Park Zoo, are no longer a pair. Silo has gone straight.

They broke up after six years together. Once, they were provided a donated egg. They sat on it and hatched it and this was celebrated as some kind of penguin lifestyle choice in the New York Times on Feb. 7, 2004, under the headline “The Love that Dare Not Squeak Its Name.”

But that’s so over.

These days, Silo has a girlfriend. And Roy? Well, lately he has been observed hanging around a few sexually immature penguins, but he has no real prospects. It seems Roy is a troubled penguin.

“Silo found a young female. Her name is Scrappy,” Rob Gramzay, the zoo’s senior penguin keeper, told me in a phone interview on Tuesday. “They had an egg. It didn’t work out and they might try again.”

And Roy?

“Roy didn’t really find anybody. He hung out with a few birds, half of them were female, half were male,” Gramzay said. “He’s not in a nesting situation. It’s more for camaraderie.”

more here.

I wonder how their German counterparts are doing, and if Koko is getting her boobie fix….

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