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Air America Idiot Update

Pick a hackneyed headline:
The Plot Thickens (Evil Glenn’s)
or The Ditch Deepens

As Air Idiot’s ever-shifting story currently stands, Evan "Fall Guy" Cohen is the man Franken & Friends would have you believe was the sole perp in this "Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You!" (well, if you live in NYC, at least) big old bit of bunko. He was the guy who connected Air Idiot to Gloria Wise’s government funds-filled bankbook, through his dual role as Air Idiot’s chairman and Gloria Wise’s development director. Everyone else at Air Idiot were completely unaware of Cohen’s financial chicanery/relationship with Gloria Wise.

As Air Idiot president Jon Sinton told NRO’s Byron York back in August, "Only he knew what he was doing." And Sinton should know: he’s the only Air Idiot executive that’s been there from Day One.

That assertion now…how should I put it?
"Doesn’t make sense?"
"Is a tad unbelievable?"
I got it: "Sounds like another fucking Air Idiot lie."

Michelle Malkin and her partner Brian Maloney continue their Sam Spade work concerning Air Idiot’s funky financing, uncovering another factoid that puts the Idiots’ denials of knowledge or culpability in the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club "loan" imbroglio further and further down the rabbit hole of incredulity.

What Air America has failed to disclose is that at least one other of its officials held a key job at Gloria Wise. Yesterday, we confirmed with Martta Rose of Rubenstein Public Relations, which is representing the Boys & Girls Club branch, that Air America’s Vice President of Finance, Sinohe Terrero, worked at the inner-city charity as finance director from 2000-2002 under Cohen. Though he left Gloria Wise for Air America before the controversial loan scheme was initiated, it strains credulity to believe that Terrero was completely in the dark about what kinds of things Cohen and his former colleagues were doing.

At this point, Terrero has either resigned, been fired, is locked in a closet or sleeps with the fishes. According to Malkin, he’s not responding to any phone or e-mail queries. Totally incommunicado. Unless, of course, he’s too busy to respond because he’s singing his version of this soap opera to either the NYC Board of Investigation, NYAG Elliot Spitzer’s investigators, or–representing the OTHER financial fraud these fuckers tried to pull–Randy Mastro. Or all of the above.

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