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Archive for "Sep 15 2005"

More Jersey Jackassness

I wanna tell you a story.

According to the story, this kid cuts some guy off while the kid’s on his way home from football practice. The guy starts screaming, follows the kid home, where the kid bolts from his truck and runs for his front door. The guy points his car at the kid and tries to run him over. The kid bounces off the guy’s car, goes to the driver’s window, and punches him twice in the head. Guy gets knocked cold and never wakes up.
And the kid ends up in jail?
That how it works in Jersey:

A man is dead and a teen locked up after road rage incident

If someone tried mowing me down with a car on my own front lawn and missed, after knocking the clown out I would have dragged him from the vehicle and started kicking.

(h/t to McGeHee at Yippee-Ki-Yay!)

“The Angels of Indignation”

Iowahawk has a post-Katrina essay, written by Special Guest pundit Joshua Markos Mikos Atrios.
Please adjust your tinfoil hats and read:
Every Little Bit Hurts

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CAIR’s Whopper of the Day

Some people should just not be allowed near Photoshop; it usually ends in tears…of laughter:
Jihad Watch: Stalinism at CAIR: photo doctored for Islamic correctness

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