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CAIR’s Whopper of the Day

Normally I ignore these clowns, because they are such obviously obfuscating frauds, yet when they bark, a lot of politically correct morons run for the hills, so I like to keep on eye on not so much what they are kvetching about at any given time, but who they aim their bullshit toward, and whether their target then cowers and complies to their ridiculous demands.

Well, those funny folks at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are at it again, this time firing off another of their high dudgeon press releases lambasting someone for associating Islam with terrorists who have declared their objective to be the creation–through the slaughter of all infidels who refuse to convert to Islam (or are granted “dhimmitude” status, which at this point doesn’t seem to be an option they are willing to offer anybody)–of a world-wide Caliphate.

Their latest target is Colorado’s Rep. Tom Tancredo, for sending a letter noting his concern about the design proposed for a planned memorial to the victims of Flight 93, who on September 11 fought back against their Islamofascist hijackers and forced the plane to crash in a field in Shanksville, PA.

The memorial’s design has been raising a ruckus in the blogosphere. It’s been called questionable, at best, by some; brainlessly, obnoxiously insensitive–just plain fucking dumb–by others.

Me? Hey, if they could come up with the bullshit they plan to put down at Ground Zero, there is pretty much nothing these memorial committee types could dream up that surprises me in the least (see Mark Steyn). Collectively, they are–whether family members are involved or not–brainless SOBs who need to stopped.

But CAIR’s press release contained one particular sentence–an aside, actually–that just beggared reality:

crescent itself has no religious significance in Islam, but is commonly
associated with that faith.)

Yeah, right. The crescent has no symbolic significance:

“In 1299, conquering what is now Turkey, Sultan Osman had a vision of a crescent moon stretching over the world; it thus became a symbol of the Ottoman dynasty, and when Constantinople fell to Muhammad II in 1453, the crescent came to represent both Islam and the Turkish empire. The star was added by Sultan Selim III in 1793 (its five points being established in 1844).”

I don’t know which is worse: that these CAIR bastards think Americans are such stupid cows that we’ll continue to buy their bullshit, or that there are too many politically correct moronic motherfuckers who do buy it, or are plain afraid to just smack these duplicitous fuckers in the face and tell them, “Shut the fuck up!”

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