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Archive for "Sep 08 2005"

Ladies, Gentlemen, DoucheBags…

I am currently (he’s standing here, right over my shoulder) arguing with a dipshit, involved with one of the hopelessly fucked schmucks running to be Bloomie’s target in the mayoral shooting barrel come November. He refuses to believe I can just hit “return” and put this in front of…well, whoever the hell shows up.

He wants me to write a podium script. I have stood fast and demanded five grand to write “the guaranteed speech,” as I refer to it.

Really…I got it in my pocket. A frickin’ hedgehog could get elected if it could enunciate my screed. The only one who couldn’t sell it is that idiot BP from Manhattan.

“You think you’re that good?”
“Gimme ten guns and four guidos and I could run this whole fucking rock.”
“What would you do first?”
‘Enslave the greasers, then blow the everliving shit out of that Willowbrook campus after I rounded up the history and poli-sci profs in one room. Take that building right the fuck out.”
“You’re fucking insane!”
“Yeah, so…what’s your point? You want your asshole to win the vote or not? Because that crazyassed kinda shit is something I can sell.”

Shotguns…They Need to be Feeded by Shotguns

Finger-Pointing Storm Erupts in Congress

Look, you blithering, dithering, motherfucking douchebaggy Assholes, Incorporated…STFU before we hang the whole lot of you!

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You Codgers are Over

No one want to play the new Stones single

Hell, Q104.3 played that nasty piece of tripe…“sucks” don’t begin to describe it….Keith should shoot himself and save someone else the ammo.

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