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Archive for "Sep 07 2005"

Victory is Mine!

(Snap! goes self control)

I have won the the day!

Google Search: “ho-beast”I rule!

I’m blaming the Llamas for all of it when my Mom calls up (because my sister is a level bet to have already ratted me out before I even knew I scored this rankiing)…just because ‘She Who Thinks She’s Slotting in as inheriting the mantle of “She Who Must Be Obeyed,” but is gonna have a holy war when Momma’s will gets done in the exec’s desk and she will laugh–will laugh!–HAH! “Llamabutchers…all your high school friends grew up to go nuts?”

“No, Sister Chippster, it’s worse than you ever imagined…the Berry Boys are standing at arrears, waiting to see who gets smacked hardest. But the folks you’re mocking with a blind eye?…
they hate jackass guidos and they googlebombed this thing around my ears and now Gotti’s ghost is coming after me but I figure if I knock down one of those insolent prick grankids the real Catholic Church will send Jesuits to cover my ass…

Damn you, you ill bred Llamas!…DAMN YOU TO HELL!

(Okay, at this point I’m gibbering.)

(//cue “pure fun” shit)

in other business….

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I Grew Up There

But that place–my place–is long gone:

Police have identified the 18-year-old man who was shot dead in a park in Dongan Hills early yesterday as Joseph Lopez of Richmond Terrace, Mariners Harbor…. Lopez was shot once in the neck at 1:15 a.m. in Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park, across from the Berry Houses in Dongan Hills. He was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze, where he was pronounced dead.

Drive-by-shooting victim is identified by police

Crisco Express Cancelled

Why the change of plans? Certainly, Fonda is still very much against the war in Iraq and in favor of helping our troops there. But she said that she didn’t want to distract people from Cindy Sheehan’s bus trip, already under way and gathering support.

Bummer. The comedy gold that could have been mined from her canolla-fueled jaunt and hookup with that jackass Galloway would have been a mother lode of moonbatty madness.

(previous Crisco Express rips)

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