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Katrina Aftermath: Five Boroughs Don’t Forget

There’s about eight hundred members of the Finest and Bravest, and another bunch of REAL civil employees, deployed down south to return the favor:

“New Yorkers remember the generosity of the rest of the country on September 11th and we will do whatever it takes to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The task-force now speeding toward New Orleans joins existing FDNY, OEM and NYPD personnel in the Southeast and will evacuate thousands of victims and carry them to safety. New York City stands ready to provide any additional assistance we can to help those in need.”

Just make sure this jackass is out of their way…we don’t want to have an incident:

Last night, Mayor Ray Nagin said his entire police force would be pulled off the streets by tomorrow and all firefighters, paramedics and emergency dispatchers also were being sidelined. They will be sent to Baton Rouge for evaluation and counseling, he said.

Along with Vegas vacations. Oh, hell…why don’t you suck their thumb for ’em?

Your boss just branded you “Fucking pathetic pussies,” you folks who didn’t quit and dive into the looting and shit…. Pussies who need to spend time on a couch or in a casino. The Anchoress hammers home how ridiculous that idea sounds to those of us up here in NYC:

I know cops and firefighters who worked the WTC in the days and months after 9/11. If anyone had suggested they take a trip to Vegas to de-stress you know what they would have done? They would have decked you, on the spot, for suggesting such a thing while part of their city lay in ruins, while debris was still smoldering and body parts were still being discovered and retrieved. They would have decked you flat and dared you to get back up and suggest it again.

Don’t worry. Folks like that are what we’re sending your way. The Five Boroughs are coming to help bail your asses out.

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