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Archive for "Sep 04 2005"

We Now Return to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I’m sitting here listening to NPR do a thing on the death of Rehnquist, and they close the deal by saying “stay tuned for further developments on the death of Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist and updates on Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.”

Hey, morons? He’s dead…what, other than body rot, is gonna “develop”?

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Katrina Aftermath: Looney Tunes Edition

It seems a psychiatric defense is being put in play by the proven loser New Orleans mayor, Shitbag ‘MacGuffin’ Nagin:

“Today was a turning point, I think,” he said. “My philosophy is never get too high, never get too low. … I always try to keep my emotions in check and yesterday I kind of went off a little bit. I was worried about that, but it maybe worked out. I don’t know. If the CIA slips me something and next week you don’t see me, you’ll all know what happened.

No, bozo. The white devils want your ass in the dock so they can legally clean your clock. Kanye West is the one who should be worrying about getting taken out, even if he has dips like this prick sucking hard on his dick.

But I’d avoid Harry Connick Jr. if I was you…he can shoot you right in the face and no jury in your state would disagree with your fate.

Katrina Aftermath: About Those Buses

an update to “Katrina Aftermath: The Blame Game.

As one who has trained the four legged flesh and blood type in his time, I should be sporting some sort of caveat aimed toward the Big Easy’s soon to be ex-Mayor: “Junkyard dogs don’t let go, and the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool ain’t going away anytime quick, Mayor Dick.” Junkyard’s top dog Bryan Preston’s got his teeth set tight, close to what seems a heavy duty vein, one carrying mighty more nutrients than the one you were spewing forth from earlier this past week, when you were looking to lay off blame.

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