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Katrina Aftermath: The Indictments are Being Prepped, You Punkassed LA Fucks

(or, “You ain’t Rudy by a longshot, asswipe.”)

The city of New Orleans actually had a plan, written down, to deal with situations like what just happened. As it turned out, none of the bastards responsible paid so much as lip service to the doc…if they even ever read it. But is sure as hell reads like a centerpiece of the soon to be filed subpoena that the local elected officials are sure to find a pissed off grand jury willing to issue…
Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette passed his eyes over the quite detailed document…

Scan it for about 10 minutes and you’ll see it’s a damning document insofar as city management there is concerned. Judging from recent comments by a few of the folks named as responsible in that plan they didn’t know it existed – there’s no other explanation for the absurdity of some recent statements and “demands.”

Go read Greyhawk’s take, where he also gives the Puppy Blender a friendly punch on the shoulder for being a little too “understanding” or something…. Personally? He’s evil, whack him in the ‘nads!

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