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Archive for "Sep 02 2005"

Katrina Aftermath: The Blame Game

Everyone, especially virulent scumbags like those found at Kos, DU and the other vultures gleefully greasing their hands in the blood and tears in New Orleans–a city we’re watching die before our eyes–in hope of using this tragedy for political gain, already laying it all at the White House’s door…you fucking lowlifes better be ready for how far and wide the blame game is going to go when the political storm down the road hits home. No faction, political party or administration; no level of government, from the federal to the local levels in the states affected, is walking away from this thing unscathed. This was bound to happen and everybody had fair warning…decades of fair warning.

Like, right off the bat, the mayor of N.O. and governor of LA (Democrats both) better have a good fucking explanation for their fellow Louisianans for shit like this.

Why weren’t those vehicles mobilized to get people out? Instead of herding all those people into the Superdome and Convention Center, why weren’t those vehicles sitting in the parking lots at those locations as a means to move your fellow citizens to higher ground, eh?, you murderously incompetent bastards!

UPDATE: At least someone in New Orleans knew what those buses were meant to do.

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