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Air America Idiot Update

This is just getting better and better as the days progress and the dollar amount goes up. On the back of the napkin, I have the total now hovering just shy of $3.5 million, plus interest. The latest chapter: Michelle Malkin: MULTICULTURAL RADIO SAYS AIR AMERICA OWES IT $1.5 MILLION.

Good sweet Jesus, Franken & Co. are so screwed now that Multicultural has Randy Mastro and his firm as their legal team. These guys are “no prisoners” types. Mastro, previously Rudy Guliani’s right hand man at City Hall, was a “don’t even think about fucking with me” kind of guy when he helped Rudy whip this city back into livable condition. He has the ability to explode this story all over the media if these Piquant schmucks (or whoever the fuck they call themselves this week) try to play any more games and don’t start coughing up cash, pronto.

He will force Spitzer to get off his ass. He will play the race card like any good NYC hardass worth his salt would play it in this situation. You’ve got a bunch of rich white folks screwing a charity in the Bronx and a minority owned broadcast company? This is butter, baby!

If you don’t live here in NYC, you cannot comprehend what kind of payback opportunity this thing provides to Mastro, who was regularly pilloried by the likes of Sharpton and his race baiting cohorts during his City Hall tenure. He should lean on Percy Sutton and his kid, who own the offices and radio station Air Idiot calls home, for selling out their Bronx cousins (and WLIB’s previous, Caribbean listener base) to “white interlopers” like Franken, Garofalo and those filthy up to their eyeballs grifting Drobny shits in the name of filthy lucre. (As far as I can tell, the Suttons are the only party involved since the start who haven’t had any problems getting paid during this whole train wreck.)

It’s over. It might take a month, at most, but all that’s gonna be left when Mastro gets through with them will be a smoking hole. He’ll either a) leave them officially bankrupt and out of business, b) their owners–starting with, but not restricted to, the Drobnys–locked up, or c) both, which seems the likely result.

I wonder how much Clear Channel is going to end up paying to pick whatever pieces they think might be worth something out of the wreckage? Franken? Maybe. Rhodes? Probably. The rest?


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