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Air America Idiot Update

I’m heading straight to Hell for this one, Ma!

TIMEOUT!: Hah! Remind me, how hard did we we have to hit you to make you look up?.

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer yesterday opened an investigation into the Bronx social-services agency that made $875,000 in bizarre loans to Air America radio, The Post has learned.

Spitz is my Bitch! Bomb him with questions, and promise if he picks it up he will cop a vote…


This clown car operation’s defenders have been out in force in the Comment sections of the various sites pushing the latest episode of Air Idiot’s inept/corrupt ability to act like a professional broadcasting enterprise. Most of their “defense” consists of name-calling and claims that Air Idiot’s ideology terrifies folks on the right side of the aisle, and AI’s success is what’s causing the latest uproar.

In a nutshell, jackassed jackrabbit gibberish.

I’m gonna reprint here what I’ve previously posted in two Comment threads over at Most of it won’t be new to anyone who regularly has been reading my Air Idiot stuff, but there have been a lot of new folks checking this joint out lately, and I figure most are too lazy to dig through the entire Air Idiot archive to figure out where I’m coming from. Although I must say, the ones coming from “right wing” sites have been more interested in reading my old stuff. Lefties just seem to run their chickenshit asses away, or deposit “Fuck You” turds that my filters strain out (and file away, you bastards…there WILL be a reckoning when this is all said and done)

The first addresses the name calling bullshit and my motivation for kicking Air Idiot in the ass every chance I get. I’ve dropped the last part of the comment entry because it was specific to the thread:

Dear Air Idiot defenders,
I started beating on them at their inception not because of political ideolgy, but because they kicked a station I liked, WLIB, into the gutter, under the guise of a business plan that was retarded from the get-go. For that I was called all sorts of varieties of “scumbag Repug thug” crap. I’m a radio junkie, and their business plan made absolutely no sense. But I kept getting the insults and it slowly turned personal. People were defending these morons as “progressive,” even when their very modest growth is entirely because Clear Channel, one of the charter members of the dank, dark VRWC, had completely taken control of the netlets future by putting some of their programming on underperforming stations CC had in their stable. So why you defend them instead of calling them “sellouts” is puzzling, to say the least.

The original post/comment thread is here.

These next two relate to this idea these clueless moonbattish FrankenFans try to foist: that this tin can netlet, in and of itself, is successful. The two stations they point to every fucking time are Portland and Denver. One problem: Those stations are NOT Air Idiot. I tried explaining this to a character over there named “Lumpy”:

Here’s a fact, Lumpy: the majority of those recently added stations are owned by Clear Channel, one of the right wing cabal Franken and Co. said they started the network to fight against.

When AAR calls them “affiliates” they are not (surprise, surprise!) being exactly truthful in the matter. If it was called Air Franken, the only voice from their stable that is actually on every channel listed, that would be true. In Portland and Denver, the two markets where they actually are showing respectable numbers, the morning drive time slots are filled with local hosts (Thom Hartmann and Jay Marvin, respectively), who talk about local issues in addition to the “big” stories, which probably accounts for the better numbers, since morning drive is one of radio’s bread and butter slots for generating ratings. The bulk of those “affiliates” pick some of shows (Franken, and at best two or three others; occasionally out of ease the rest of the skein) and fill the “money” airtime with hosts local to that market, then Ed Schultz and other left leaning talkers.

But advertising them as affiliates of the Air America Radio Network is stretching the truth kinda thin. The only programming they share in common is Al.

Lumpy, a classic Idiotarian, then cited the AAR Seattle outlet, saying they carried all the Air Idiot programs…except in the mornings! (Holy fuck! Why don’t you just hand me the hammer, Hammer?)

You don’t get it: Arbitron ratings are most influenced by two time slots: 1)morning and 2)afternoon drive.

The fact Seattle also tossed AAR’s morning programming over the side shows the show has no legs at all and should be dumped. And on some of those “affiliates” Rhodes gets pushed aside to allow Ed Schultz to air live in the afternoon drive time, so she gets relegated to tape delay, which means no callers, which is talk radio’s lifeblood for attracting listeners, which means audience erosion when her tape gets played, which means less local ad revenues….

If they had launched with a saner business plan, like producing one or two shows and marketing them coast to coast in a standard syndication style (as Hannity, Limbaugh and the like all do it), they would have been far better off.

But they were egomaniacally, arrogantly naive–make that “downright stupid”–about the arena they were entering. They announced they were going to program an entire days’ airtime on stations they would own or fully control via leasing deals. They said they were going to BURY right wing talkers like Limbaugh and his brethren across every timeframe and eventually across the country, along with companies like Clear Channel and Infinity who broadcast him and his right wing cohorts, whose corporate control of so many stations was cutting “progressive” voices out of the talk radio conversation. And none of the people involved, from the back office to the microphone, had a lick of experience in radio, especially Franken, who acted like any schmuck could sit behind a microphone if he was just “smart enough, and people like me” and go toe-to-toe with Limbaugh, the guy who, whether you like him or loathe him, goddamned invented the idea of a nationwide talk radio show (and saved AM radio from irrelevance in the process).

They didn’t just piss off right wingers, they pissed off radio pros by insinuating that any asshole with a wad of cash could succeed in talk radio.

Now they’re in Clear Channel pocket and all their listeners for every station that carries any of their programming, combined, most likely doesn’t match Rush’s national audience all by his lonesome. Add in Hannity, that psycho Savage and O’Reilly and it’s a slaughterhouse, with AAR’s lifeless corpse flat on the floor.

Rhodes already was a pro. They should have taken whatever money they actually DID have back then, signed Franken and handed him over to an successful, experienced producer who could teach him how the game is played, and then marketed the hell out of those two.

I got no problems with lefty talkers; the more the merrier, as long as they are pros like Schultz and a few others. But Air Idiot (except for Rhodes) were and still are rank amateurs who deserve their ass beat like a red headed stepkid for thinking they were some Golden Wonders.

The post and full thread for this bit is here.

As an addendum, I would like to offer this (which will likely buy me a neverending world of shit from the rightwingers who thought I was one of their boys. Quick answer: Bite Me):
Michele Malkin is a prudy bandwagon hopping bitch. I don’t care how she can be played as “moving” this story forward or how drooly you right wing yahoos are lustingly wanting to do her between her perky breasts. She hogged the story and for that I say, “Nyaah!”

Until she offers up an apology to my Yankee loving sister Michele, she can just STFU and pound sand until the day I see her shoot somebody at the border, kapeesh? She piled onto this, and because of her Old Media connections, jumped to the forefront. Fuck her.

Captain Ed
, a great guy, is playing 57 variety here, but since he’s good, he’s making a thick, goosey sauce to add to this roast duck. But whether he knows it or not, he’s heading for the Jarvis Zone.

Macho Nachos whole kettle and KA-BANG! rules when looking at the legal crap.

Radio Equalizer
, BoreAmerica, and yours truly are the only fuckers out here who have been doggin’ these bastards from Day One. And other than RadioEQ, we are getting BUPKISS in the linky love. And I’m talking about the whole lot of you. (cue Johnny)

The rest of you clowns–especially the “big ticket” bloggers–can kiss my fat, sweet, “it’s a homo’s treat!” black Irish ass. Don’t like that? Fine. I’m easy to find.

You poor little puppets.

PS: Jeff Jarvis can still blow me. How can you not figure out WordPress without your kid? Are you freakin’ dead from the neck up?

UPDATE: ladies and jam-a-hand-in-yer-pants gentlemans , I offer you the Land Speed Record of Moonbat Defence of the Holy Freakin’ Franken!! (see first comment).

Not only did the dipshit blow past everything I ticked off, he brought up the Darth Sith Lord Rove!
(violently silent golf claps are in progress in your honor, asshole.)

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