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Archive for "Jul 29 2005"

Air America Idiot Update

This is getting interesting, this here spinning Air Idiot’s management is doing trying to duck the shitstorm that’s falling on their heads. I’m sure their Clear Channel overlords are not amused.

As noted in my last AI post, word flashed across the blogosphere about the grifting of nearly $500K from a kids/seniors charity up in the Bronx, money funneled to Air Idiot. At first, The Air Idiot parent company, Piquant, issued a press release denying any responsibility for the outrageously scummy (and most definitely criminal) scam, laying whatever guilt the netlet might have in the affair at the feet of the previous owners, "Progressive Media," and disgraced ex- Head Idiot Evan Cohen.

Of course, they left out the fact that Piquant is comprised of pretty much everyone involved in Progressive Media except Cohen (and some guy named Sorenson). Piquant exists strictly to magically wash away the mismanagement woes (and duck all the debts and other bothersome stuff) produced by Progressive Media. Getting kicked off of stations in two of the biggest radio markets within a month of starting to broadcast tends to turn off liberal-minded investors, who were expecting Al Franken & Co. to deliver Rush Limbaugh’s head on a platter and help sweep Jean Claude Kerry into the Oval Office. When the netlet was launched and immediately started to crash and burn, somebody had to walk the plank, so Cohen was made the scapegoat. (All the old stuff about how fucked up Air Idiot’s launch was can found by going through my Air Idiot archive. Start at the bottom and watch the debacle unfold.)

Today, not only are they starting to stutter and stammer–still sticking to the basic "It ain’t us, it was the old owners," riff, but kinda-sorta admitting to some/maybe involvement and responsibility–which opened up a whole ‘nother can of questions about the netlet’s culpability in this.

But what’s goddamn delicious, and for me pretty much seals the deal that these Piquant fuckers were involved in this whole thing along with their fall guy, right up to their necks, was where Air Idiot went looking for help:

They sent an S.O.S. to the Kossaks.

Anyone desperate enough to turn to that pack of gibbering loons for support HAS to be guilty as all get out.

So tune in to today’s exciting episode: Air America Issues Second Statement In Funds Scandal, over at Radio Equalizer, where Brian Maloney is driving this story, and has links to most of the rest of the folks banging away on this drum.

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A Tale of Two Pundits

New York’s wannabe Governor/currently Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, is a long time, well documented, brass-balled, major league level shake down artist. It’s also been noted he smells like a fairly corrupt fuck. Whatever. Since there hasn’t been one blessed thing anyone who has been New York’s chief executive has ever done that has made my life better (don’t mention the Fresh Kills dump closing; Pataki didn’t have the balls to stand in the way so he just hopped on the Guliani/Molinari train and went along for the ride), I could care less if Spitzer ends up leader of the Albany Assholes…but it would take effort. That’s not the bug up my ass today.

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