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Archive for "Jul 26 2005"

Fisk of the Week

I highly doubt anything else I come across–and that’s as dead on, line by line eviscerating–will come close to this thorough defenestration of that opportunistic bitch of a Pennsylvania Lt. Gov.

(via Brainster)

Someone Should Start a Pool

The harder Gutfeld keeps tweaking and poking away at his fellow inmates over at Zsa Zsa’s House of Whackos, the more I wonder when he’s gonna get his ass canned, or just quit and go solo, because I gotta believe the traffic his smackdowns generate is burying–and infuriating–the rest of that crew of preening loons. I mean, his box office numbers have to be just killing the run-of-the-mill idiotic Tinseltown twits Zsa Zsa has crawling around in that asylum.

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Hanoi Jane 2: Riding the Crisco Express with the Patchouli Patrol

It’s true: You can’t teach an old dog a new trick:

Actress Jane Fonda has launched an anti-Iraq war protest – infuriating veterans still seething from her Vietnam antics.

“I’ve decided I’m coming out,” she said, announcing plans to cruise a vegetable oil-fueled bus across the U.S., stopping for high-profile protests.

That movie she made with J-Lo wasn’t enough of an intrusion; now we gotta suffer through her Seventies flashbacks, too.

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