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Archive for "Jul 24 2005"

Nominee: The 2005 Bestest Bitch Slap

Hugh Hewitt takes Tom Tancredo out.

But I’m still signed on to nuking the shit out of all of them.

But that’s just me.

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If There’s a Pissing Contest in the Blogosphere

who, other than the dipshits involved, truly feels bladder relief? Me? I wouldn’t piss on either of these guys if they were on fire. But watching them have this slapfight–like watching chicks brawl when clothes are being rended is, shall we say…titillating.

Now shut the fuck up and go back to your basements.

(via the hobo-homiciding pureed puppy chugger)

UPDATE: Yikes! I’ve been Instalanched.
(Hey, Prof? What’s Knoxville really like? Because NYC is starting to look like “get outta Dodge,” if you catch my drift.)

“Banged Around” Again

New York Post:

The question in the UPS TV commercial asks, “What Can Brown Do For You?”

When applied to the Yankees and pitcher Kevin Brown, the response is an earsplitting, “NOTHING.”

If he was a horse, I’d be feeding him to my dogs next time they misbehaved.

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