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Archive for "Jul 21 2005"

Jeff Jarvis Can Bite Me

This is just fucking pathetic.

No one, absofucking no one, considers you the New Media Messiah you consider yourself.
You are a part of the Main.

You are an opportune asshole.

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Are These People Totally Fucking Nuts?

From DC insider gossip sheet “Roll Call,” via The Corner:

Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson lapped up loads of attention at the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses’ gala and golf tournament earlier this week. Simpson was the biggest celebrity at the event — a benefit to raise money for the group’s successful scholarship program to send needy children to college.

The excuse (paraphrased) for OJ being there in the first place, never mind lauded like some sort of rock star hero, “We didn’t invite him; some other NFL players we DID invite brought him along,” begs the question: “What fucking idiots from the NFL did you invite? The guys who walked away from murder raps and were welcomed back with open arms, or the run of the mill felony cons, who the league treat like tantrumish children?”

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Air America Idiot Update

On Monday, the New York numbers came out and Air Idiot got stomped. Yesterday, the LA Arbitron numbers were released, and Limbaugh kicked the living shit out of Franken, and even O’Reilly whacked him fairly well.

Considering these are two of the biggest “blue” voting bastions in the country, who wants to make the claim that Air Idiot is in any way, shape or form not living on Clear Channel supplied life support? And who wants to put money on the table about how much longer CC will let their “progressive” experiment continue before pulling the plug?

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