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Archive for "Jul 14 2005"

Yea, Verrily

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Stalking on the icy wasteland, cutting down all who dare stand in the way using a vorpal blade, cometh LeatherPenguin! And he gives a gutteral howl:

“I’m going to fuck you so forcibly, you will not be able to see straight!”

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Do You Wanna Make Tea at the BB(spit)C?

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When he is on the BBC, of course. Where – according to the corporation’s editorial guidelines – “the word ‘terrorist’ itself can be a barrier rather than aid to understanding”.

BBC: language that Labour loves to hear

Far from the Hutton Inquiry teaching the BBC that it should be less politically engaged, its bosses appear to have realised that it is actually fine to play politics – just so long as they are the politics of Labour.

And we Yanks think PBS is all sorts of fucked up….

Ladies and Gentleman (and the rest of youse)…

As an aside, I present a blithering idiot:

All-Star Game home-run hitters might have Hall future
Knight Ridder Newspapers

No! Really? Is that the reason why they were in the All Star Game, oh Mr. Sagacity? They might be great players? Or was it all Karl Rove’s doing?

You’re a numbnutted schmuck.

On to business:
I am soo ready for this long weekend in the Fenway fuckwits’ flophouse. I haven’t been this happy and enraged at the same time since, well, the night these three clowns tried cutting through my backyard when the dogs were off the leaders. The barking and screaming brought me to the window and I watched my beasties run the slowest dumbass to ground by herding him away from the driveway (his only egress) where he and his cholo compadres were heading and knocking him down (happy!), then realized I never taught them that trick (enraged!–they’re gonna pull that shit on me someday!)

Like the Red Sox: Sooner or later, they were gonna bite the Yankees ass. Well, the wound is healed (even though you fuckwits like talking about it as if the voodoo suddenly got flipped; drop that idea). Read the history.

You’re are just the recent–albeit, a tad more insistent–annoyance, you yutzies. Line up behind Finley A’s, Lasorda’s Dodgers, and slide yourselves in front of George Brett’s Royals. The Yanks look at the list of teams that were the most vexing, and the leaders both came out of NYC, and their asses were chased clear across the country because of their abject failure at knocking us out.

Are we clear here?


Oh, and for the fun of it:


Bucky FUCKING Dent, baby.

(crossed to the Darkside, where the war will be fought.)

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