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Archive for "Jul 13 2005"

Miss Last Night’s All Star Game?

Jeff at Protein Wisdom, a CITIZEN JOURNALIST, live blogged it.

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The Dumbest, Most Arrogant Bullshit…

…I’ve read in long goddamned time.

According to this gutless bastard who wouldn’t use his real name, if you’re applying for a job, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you’ve got a blog:

We’ve seen the hapless job seekers who destroy the good thing they’ve got going on paper by being so irritating in person that we can’t wait to put them back on a plane. Our blogger applicants came off reasonably well at the initial interview, but once we hung up the phone and called up their blogs, we got to know “the real them” — better than we wanted, enough to conclude we didn’t want to know more.

Fuck you, “Tribble.” If I’m interviewing, or being interviewed, I want it all on the table. What good will come from finding out afterward that I’ve hired a raving nutbag? (Actually, no big whoop. If called upon, I can out nutbag damn near anybody, and in the rare case the person exists on a level of totally insane I cannot attain, well, that’s why God invented german sheps and shotguns.)

And if I’m the one being interviewed, should I bury who I really am just to impress some fucking HR weiner? Hell no! I want it clear to the interviewer exactly who I am and what I’m about, because in the long run, it potentially saves us both a ton of aggravation.

But for you, being a useless bastard hiding from real life in the halls of academe (where “collegiality” means “kiss everyone’s ass needed to survive until you’ve got tenure, then admit you’re a jackassed prick when there’s nothing anyone can do about it”), putting up a false front just to get some shitty sinecure is standard operating procedure. It’s what you wanted from these applicants you just ripped apart–who are probably complete fabrications allowing you to make your “point”–because it’s how someone was dumb enough to give you your fucking job.

Look at yourself, “Tribble.” You are too chickenshit to put your name to this screed you put forth as wizened advice. Who the fuck would ever trust you at “Quaint Old College” if they knew the “real” you were such an elitist, judgemental bastard, capable of shitting out drivel like this? If publishing this would do your career a lick of good, you would have signed the thing. But you’re too gutless to publicly stand next to your words.

You are alleged to be a professor of “humanities.” You’re not even human; you are a fucking troll. Any blogger would ban your ass from polluting their comments, because your bullshit wouldn’t be worth their bandwith. Your problem is there are enough bloggers out here who can kick your ass when it comes to putting words on a page that it frightens the bejeezus out of you, because that fact makes a lot of you “big men” on campus (or in the mainstream media touting their j-school credentials) suddenly look small.

In a white hot rage, I churned this post out in roughly twenty-two minutes, “with no vetting process, no review board, and no editor” that you consider necessary before release to the public. I dare anybody to deconstruct it; go sentence by sentence, word by word, and try to pull it apart. I’d bet the number of errors in construction that can be found pales in comparison to what your first draft of this useless shit you wrote looked like when it was delivered to your almighty editor. I’ll put it up against any first draft you ever wrote in your life, you priggish punk.

Andrew Sullivan Alert!

I’m listening to WABC radio, and Mark Simone and Ron Kuby are talking to some London based reporterette about the suicidal terrorists, and the woman just said, “the fact they were British born has left many here gobsmacked.”

Kuby was clueless to the term, but all Sully readers (and occasional ridiculers)–knew exactly what she meant.

(if it makes no sense to you, go visit Ace and peruse the left side bar.)

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