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Archive for "Jul 12 2005"

The Sublime Stupidity of C. Virginia Fields

First, her campaign get smacked in the face for photoshopping an Asian couple into her campaign literature, but her latest alleged faux pas makes me believe this campaign is now being treated like a punching bag:

While remembering her experiences as a 17-year-old taking part in the civil-rights protests led by Martin Luther King Jr., she recalled being “put into a paddy wagon.”

The term “paddy wagon” is considered by some to be offensive to the Irish.

“She did not mean to offend anyone. If she did, she is very sorry,” campaign spokeswoman Kristen Powers said.

The interview (w/video) where she “offended” is here.

I’ll bet one of these Post reporters tossed the “could be offensive” charge to see if he/she could get a rise out of the campaign, and the idiots went for the bait. I don’t know any Micks–and I know roughly a jillion (and those are just my relatives)–who would have a problem with the term, or it being associated with sons of Ireland, because the handle isn’t necesssarily about the passengers.

I mean, ask these guys if they consider it an unacceptable slur.


Taranto nakedly ripped me off. Scroll down, see “Getting Their Irish Up.”

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