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Archive for "Jul 08 2005"

K-Rock’s Howard Clock is Going “Tick, Tock”

And this could be the big kaboom: Report — David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern

Now there is an idea that should have been strangled at first mention.

More Fingerboard Follies

Sometimes I just have to believe the folk on Fingerboard Road who publish the local fishwrap I call “The Retreat” are the dumbest bastards you could imagine.

Case in point: this editorial, A troubling bid, concerning Chinese government controlled company CNOOC’s bid to buy American energy company Unocal. The money dummy quote:

CNOOC’s bid is especially unsettling because if successful it would mark the first time a Chinese company would own a major American firm, one that is vital to the U. S. economy.

No, you schmucks:

For years the Chinese government fretted that the US was using its technology lead to spy on the country – but now the tables are turned. The US government has much deeper concerns about what China can glean from the historic Lenovo-IBM PC deal than recent reports have indicated.

That deal got done:

Under the deal, the government-owned Lenovo becomes a major supplier to the US military. But fears of espionage weren’t enough to prompt further concessions. Last month Bloomberg reported that IBM had offered to keep certain customer lists private and prohibit Lenovo staff from some IBM facilities.

The fact that a Beijing front company just took control of one of the biggest US computer makers supplying the military and other parts of government is far scarier to me than the Unocal deal. But you fucking assholes never even knew it happened.

If you knew anything at all about how oil markets work, you’d know this Unocal buyout isn’t really that big a deal, vis-a-vis the price of a barrel of West Texas or Brent getting traded on the world commodity markets. The amount of reserves Unocal controls are a drop in the crude oil ocean.

Stick to writing local crap, because the big time, national/international stuff is too far out of your uninformed, candy-assed, typical Wagner College/j-school illiterate idiot’s level of depth.

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