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Archive for "Jul 06 2005"

It’s a Two-fer!

First, Halleluiah!, we NYC residents won’t have to put up with this shit making our asylum even loonier than the semi-tolerable crap we deal with on a regular basis.

Next, Chirac got kicked in the ‘nads:

London’s victory handed Paris its third stinging Olympic defeat in 20 years, following failed bids for the 1992 and 2008 Olympics. Paris hasn’t hosted the games since 1924.


You cheese eating surrender monkey hairy armpitted chicks who never learned how to properly bathe useless EUweeners! are now brie drooling laughingstocks, the international version of the Chicago Cubs: You losers can’t win even when the game is practically handed to you on a silver friggin’ platter.

I wave my private parts in your general direction.

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The Kicking Continues…

Speak for yourself: Yanks make stand for Giambi ovation

I don’t care if he hits a combined ten homers in two consecutive games: he’s RhoidBoy and I’ll continue kicking him every chance I get. If he’s doing well I’ll just bide my time because there is nothing he can do to ever make me trust his needle-jabbed ass in the clutch. Smacking Baltimore pitchers around doesn’t even register with me; after the All Star break the Yanks hit the road and face Boston, Texas and Anaheim without a day off….

Kick those clowns around, RhoidBoy, and then maybe–maybe–we can talk truce.

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