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Archive for "Jul 05 2005"

A Filthy Lie: I Was Frank J’s Pimp

Frank J., bane of the PuppyBlender, is celebrating his third year in da blogosphere.

Let’s kick him.

You don’t know the backstory, I’d guess. I mean, you don’t think he got the hot gun-toting babe on his own dime, do ya?

It was me. I was Frank J’s pimp.

Don’t look at me like that…you wanna point fingers? Aim that shit straight at Misha. He started it. Sure, I hopped on the band wagon and whipped the hell out of the horses, but if you want to blame anybody for the whole train wreck that is IMAO, the line starts and stops with the crazy Russian down Texas way.

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Nuke Albany NOW!

Just turn the joint into a big-assed glowing hole. As Bill Hammond points out in today’s Daily News, those useless bastards are just too damn retarded to be allowed to continue sucking in valuable oxygen:

As a New York judge wrote in 1866, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe when the Legislature is in session.” Which is why we should be grateful the lawmakers have gone home for the summer.

On a personal note, if you ran into this Hammond character on the sidewalk, wearing that smarmy smirk he’s wearing in the headshot running alongside his column, how much willpower would be required to keep yourself from just smacking the living shit out of him on general principles?

I’m figuring megawatts.

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