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Paranoia is Good for the Soul

Maybe it’s just me being me, but after scanning through my Sitemeter logs and discovering that over the past two days someone working at this joint has spent over an hour nosing around here made my inner klaxon start to issue a low but insistent tone. Sure, they tumbled on the joint through Staten Island-related googling, but still…an hour and change? I know, by glancing at the numbers (of trackbacks and comments) I generate, that I am probably not that enthralling of a writerboy to most of the visitors here. (Personally, I think most of my return traffic consists of folks looking to see if I’ve stopped quibbling about it and finally gone full tilt stark-raving mad.)

ATTENTION, LAWYER-TYPE LURKER: Reading a few posts without dropping a comment while perusing these pages is fine and dandy; 54 page views in under 24 hours without a peep is either: (a) way fucking gauche, or (b) prima facia evidence that I have become “a person of interest” for some reason.

If it’s the former, it’s to be expected (considering your workplace environment); if it’s the latter, you damn well better be working for someone who’s looking to give me money, because if it’s the other way around–someone’s looking to extract moola from me–you’re barking up the wrong tree…you’ll never be able to tie one thin dime to TC.

If the reason you’ve found me so compelling is because you have a client with some sort of Staten Island related matter you are handling, since that’s what you were googling when you landed here…god help the poor bastard.

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