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Archive for "Jun 25 2005"

Hey, McMahon? You Giffy Miller SuckUp…I Want to Know Right Now How You Will Vote…

When half of your Council district can now get–quite easily–tagged as blighted under the Supreme Courts recent ruling, and people who AIN’T hard core activist liberals (Rove said: “liberals.” Your clowns walked into the trap) replace the dumbass fuckers who keep you in your place with someone wants to pay primo bucks for that space, and next you look up and realize your greatest hop in the current Council session was to tear more money out of your “constituents” pockets, then you are a cancer waiting to get excised, Mickey.

I could get you unelected with two grand and a kicking Mac to cut the adverts. You’re worse than fucking Lavelle…everyone KNOWS he’s a dick.

I mean, shit…you ain’t no fucking good as a lawyer; that’s why your dumb suck-Giffy’s sphincter is hiding in the bowels of City Hall. Is there a thought among your fucking pack of branded assholes you call “staffers” thinking you can take a run at Vito? You couldn’t clear the North Shore micks if you were paying for votes. Debbie Rose is sitting ready to tear your white ass a new one.

You’re delusional, jackass, if you think you can go borough-wide after backing Giffy the Gimp. You might as well wear a Sharpton mask. Your votes die at the Expressway’s overpass.

When They Bring Back Clemens

…which, knowing the Tampa shitbastards, is probably the first thing they want to do at this point, how do we send Darth Boss George’s husk out to sea for a proper Viking funeral?

This team need to get shut down for this season, period. Someone–ANYONE!–needs to commit the crimes required to put Stick Michael back in charge. The Tampa Mob needs gunning down…and Billy “Pitching Guru” Connor needs hanging from a lamp-post, strung up at his goddamn ears. Then flip him; do the ankles. Then flip him again and make sure there ain’t nothing left of the corpse.

This should never have gone on this long.

(cross posted at the Darkside.)

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