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Archive for "Jun 23 2005"

Darth Rove Comes to Alderon

Looks out at the wasteland, speaks:

“Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers,” Mr. Rove, the senior political adviser to President Bush, said at a fund-raiser in Midtown for the Conservative Party of New York State.

Moonbats around the planet scurry for escape pods; ’06 elections thrown totally higgeldy-piggeldy. And I thought Darth Boss George had the Dark Force juice in this town. Liberals like Hilly and Chuckie Cheese: “We need to understand them, and respect their Oh-so-holy Koran.” White House: “No, we need them fuckers dead, and kicking their manual into a urinal is a damn good start.”

Rove Criticizes Liberals on 9/11 – New York Times

Hill? You can win…if you start accepting certain people just need to get dead, and we don’t mean your hubby or any of your dreamed-up right wing fucks. “Bad Guys.” Must die. You prove you’l kill them….you’ll win.

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2nd Amendment About to Violently Kick In

You bastards thought fucking up at the border made you look bad….
you know nothing….


WASHINGTON (AP) — — The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people’s homes and businesses — even against their will — for private economic development.

Lemme get this straight…some motherfucker oily enough to make it through a political campaign can take my house? – High court OKs personal property seizures – Jun 23, 2005

Do you even know who the fuck–or where the fuck?–I go?? I own eight heavyweight shotguns.

Even further than already, today my money is going heavy long on dogs, fencing, and firearms; shorting the shit out on anything that smacks of “government conservatism.” If you can take my land, you can take my life.

Y’know, I was born Democrat…then 9-11-01 pushed me toward the Republicans…but this shit pushes me closer to anarchist, hunkered down in my hole, and shooting y’all.

Screw the Bunch in the Bronx

They’re just driving me further and further over the edge, and I regularly dance on that bastard on a good day to begin with. So last night I hit St. George and watched the Baby Bombers whup a little Brooklyn ass in their home opener and flushed my mind of what a totally useless tool Pavano is turning out to be.

Note to the $40 million fuckup: I don’t want to hear you (or that tall, scowling, other useless sack of new pitching shit) ever again say anything like “it was just one pitch (in your case last night, two); other than that I felt I pitched well.”

FUCK YOU AND YOUR EQUIVOCATING BULLSHIT. You’re protecting a lead, you don’t groove shit down the heart of a batter’s happy place, capice? I don’t care who he is, the way you and the Big Unit Asshole have been giving up dingers, you keep that ball in the dirt or outside, even on a 3-0 count. You don’t scare anybody on the D-Rays, for god’s sake! You and Asshole combine for more salary than their entire fucking team! And they own your asses so far this season. When the reporter asks what happened during the post game wake, you say, “I FUCKED UP.”

Cross posted at the Darkside, which is getty to be a very testy (read: seething rage) place.

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