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Nothing But Rage

Between personal and professional stuff…and the Yankees suddenly turning into asshole bastards in the last couple of weeks, I have decided there is only one rational response:

Fuck the lot of you.

I hereby declare all-out war on everything and anything. I offer off-the-cuff apology to anyone I may have lashed out at before (not you, Puppy Blender…a copy of fucking Knoxville’s paper showed up in my mailbox this morning, and when I asked The Wife, “The instapundie guy is from there?” she said, “He had nice pictures.”
Yes, i missplled it. shoot me. To play this month, I’m going “Slaughter mode”) but fuck you punks for the rest of the way…the summer is gonna fucking burn.

NZ Bear has fucked with his standings again, and it left my mind spinning……next minute, I’m hearing Dick Durbin calling Marines “Nazis.” Oh, wait….

My brain hereby retires. I will beat the living shit out of anyone–ANYONE–who forgets what happened on September 11th. I went to one hundred wakes…I will beat all you fucking “let’s rethink this” bastards every chance I get.

See, when you remove the ego; when you don’t give a goddamn shit, you can punch the fuck out of everyone.

I am staring at all of you. And I can kick your motherfucking teeth down your thoats.

Try me, you fucking asinine pricks.

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