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Archive for "Jun 15 2005"

I Love Staten Island, But…

KRT Wire | 06/15/2005 | Mexican Mafia grows in Staten Island

Thanks to Troia and teams of cops and community leaders fed up with seeing children swept into a life of crime, the gangs in Little Mexico are feeling the heat.

My house is smack dab in the middle of “Little Mexico.” This “preacher” is a nearly useless sack of Manhattan activist-ish shit when it comes to this kind of thing, but Christ Jesus baby, she gets some outrageous press and grant money…for doing fucking nothing.

I live four blocks away from her headquarters, and I don’t even think about walking on her block unless I am armed, have one of the dogs with me, and all the wetback punk fuckers have already heard about me (“Loco Rojo”), and think I’m totally insane, yet I still get the hair-on-the-back-of-my-neck willies getting near those bastards.

You’ve already taken a shot at me, you 13 shitheels. I’ll crucify you fuckers just for the sheer whiteboy rednecked Irish asshole fascist fun. You’re the new niggers in my hood, you mooks; you’re the latest brand of low-rent no account motherfuckers who just desperately need a two by four shoved up your greasy wetback ass.

And I’m the screaming nutjob Mick who’ll deliver it.

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Behold the Power of Darth Boss George

Screw the new latrine in Queens…the Wilpons are pikers when it comes to this kind of thing.

The House that Darth Boss George is Gonna Make Damn Sure Gets Built.

Pasta Fongool!

Italian store gets sales boost from anti-euro talk

anyone in their right mind is shorting the shit out of that useless scrip….

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