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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

So, it’s been some days now, since Shelly killed the Stadium deal. Despite all the crap that he spewed–in justifying his not “no” vote, but “abstain,” (gutless fucking punk)–about doing so to protect his Assembly district (in the process of which he wrapped himself in a fucking Ground Zero flag), almost no newspaper, TV or radio station in this city has looked at that defense, except WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, and asked “Just whose water is Shelly carrying?”

Well, that’s actually an easy answer: Shelly’s carrying water for the 20th Century paradigms…the “Wall Street is the center of the business universe” kind of bullshit. Really, his big argument was about office space…how many of the fuckers who will be filling those downtown cubicles Shelly envisages will actually live and cast votes in his district? How many people who actually ever legally voted for Shelly the Shitheel are involved in that defense he mounted?

Short Answer: Damn frickin’ few. But if there is any development up on the West Side, the folks who own all that downtown real estate will suddenly find that the commercial and residential properties that are located in his district will have competition. Start building a second option a dozen blocks north and their real estate bubble goes “Pop!”

Another reason Shitheel floated was that Bloomberg was promoting the West Side development plan to try to pull a stealth switch of the core Manhattan business district from lower Manhattan to midtown.

Notes to Shitheel: 1) OPEN OUTCRY TRADING IS DEAD; there is no bloody need to have a bunch of schmucks milling about a trading pit anymore unless you rename it “Historic Tradersville” and charge admission. 2) There are residential units in “Wall Street” buildings that used to house bean counters. That fucking game is over! Build a Costco, schmuck.

I can trade anything, in any market, right here from my keyboard, with my IM hookup and VOIP ready to let me scream at account managers and arbitrage clowns and hear every rumor. I can call up more historical info about any given stock or commodity than any jackass wearing a color coded smock can hock from a phone on the “floor.”

The business core of the 21st Century is information delivery, not nostalgic execution rigidity. I depend on Time Warner and Verizon for my data pipes; the online version of the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and a monstrously large pack of other content providers for my morning–and constantly updated–news juice. They get unwieldy to deal with? I slap them all together in an RSS feed and Google deals me customized news nuggets.

I don’t NEED to be on Wall Street, because Wall Street no longer does its work on Wall Street. That hunk of Manhattan is dumbassed, overpriced condos waiting to happen.

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