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Kissing Ass Don’t Cut It, A-Hole…

in Darth Boss George’s world. NY Post:

In a classy gesture, Alex Rodriguez plans to give George Steinbrenner the bat he used to hit his 400th homer Wednesday night.
(…snip…) “I’d love to have it. I would hold it in case the Hall of Fame would like it,” Steinbrenner said through his publicist Howard Rubinstein. “I would certainly give it to them. A-Rod belongs in the Hall of Fame. It’s a wonderful recognition of the achievement. Sure, I’ll take it and hold it.”

Translation: “Fuck you and your bat.”

Look A-Hole, Darth Boss George sure as shit ain’t interested in any presents from his players made out of wood. He wants one thing; it’s spelled R-I-N-G. Jeet’s helped deliver four of those suckers to DBG’s chubby little fingers, so you are gonna have to do a fuck lot better to earn Steinbrenner’s affection than giving him a hunk of wood if you want to replace Derek in DBG’s heart.

Really, you look like such a brown-nosing idiot by doing something like that publicly. You could have quietly done this behind the scenes, but no, someone calls Steinbrenner’s mouthpiece and asks “what’s the Boss’s reaction?” to your “classy gesture” of a present. Howie calls George; George asplodes; Howie cleans it up and issues a G-rated version where the messege is buried unless you speak Steinbrennerese.

Well, there’s your answer: Cooperstown–where he’s on the Board of Directors–if they want it. George don’t; George wants BLING!

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