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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

Stadium Plan Squashed:

“Am I supposed to sell out the community I have fought for and I have represented?” Mr. Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, said at an afternoon news conference before the board’s vote. “Am I supposed to turn my back on Lower Manhattan?”

No shitheel, you’re not; that’s why Bloomie and Pataki were willing to pay you some potent vigorish in the form of tax breaks and other subsidies for downtown and Ground Zero development–a topic you’d been pretty silent about while all the rebuilding plans have been banged around, but now suddenly bray is your main concern, since it offers a rhetorical spiel to wield in front of the cameras, in an effort to portray yourself as more that a crass piece of political shit.

But as speaker of the Assembly, you were goddamned obliged to look at the effect of the project for all of NYC, the state, and more importantly the MTA, not just your rich Yuppie fuck constituents, whose votes are so safely stuffed in your pocket that there ain’t anything I could imagine you doing that could ever make them turn on you, unless photographs of you and farm animals en flagrante were to surface, and even then you’d probably still have one of the safest seats in the entire state!

And if you think for a second–and I think this is your real motivation for killing the stadium deal–that this is gonna help whichever of those clowns ends up running against Bloomberg come November, you are an asshole.

NY Daily News:

In the end, there was no reasoning with Sheldon Silver, nor was the Assembly speaker open to good-faith negotiations. Dead set on smothering development on Manhattan’s West Side, he voted down the $2.2 billion stadium and convention center planned for the area. His stubborn, high-handed wrong-headedness was breathtaking.

NY Post:

Silver made it clear that, at the end of the day, he is as small-minded and parochial a pol as any of the hicks and hacks he supervises as Assembly speaker. The stadium was, in his pinched view, a zero-sum game: The West Side’s gain was Downtown’s loss — was his district’s loss that is, and so that was that.

The Jets were willing to cough up $1.6 billion for this project. You can kiss those bucks goodbye now, because Jets’ owner Woody Johnson will now spend not nearly as much dough to build a new stadium over in the Meadowlands, where he can split the costs with the Giants and build a world class facility–probably including hotels and other amenities–and then fucking Jersey will say “Hey, NFL? We got your Super Bowl site right here, baby! You too, NCAA Final Four, World Cup, everybody! C’mon over!”

And the West Side development idea dies. The Javits Center remains crippled when trying to compete for big conventions, and the MTA is out approximately two billion bucks, so I’m wondering how long they’ll wait before hiking the fare rates.

(bumped up from original 6-06 posting)

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