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Archive for "Jun 06 2005"

Sky is Blue; Grass is Green

Drudge thinks this is a reason to headline scream:

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Same-Sex Unions

Really, Matt, this is “Captain Obvious Answers the Burning Questions of the Day” territory….

UPDATE (7:15PM): Seems Drudge yanked the headline.

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Save Me, Scooter!

Start your season NOW, Baby Bombers, before the “adults” drive me totally goddamn insane!

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Be Afraid, Billy Gates

Apple may announce shift to Intel chips

The biggest hurdle–the analyst quoted in the article leads the reporter to call the move “risky”–is porting the Mac OS and applications to Intel’s x86-64 chip architecture. Now, I’m no engineer, but it seems to me that this move was what Jobs was aiming at when he threw the old Mac OS software over the side and rebuilt it from the ground up on a Unix-flavored foundation. So this move makes a good deal of sense if Apple wants to take a serious run at enterprises beyond the markets where they already have fairly strong positions, like education, publishing, and digital media for both professionals and amateurs.

If the Reality Distortion Field Generator pulls this trigger, and isn’t just rattling IBM’s cage, Gates may need a hell of a lot more than Longhorn to hold onto MS’s desktop domination. Windows would have to make a quantum leap to catch up to Tiger’s functionality and ease of use.

As someone who has flipped many a client from Wintel boxes to Macs, the biggest excuses I’ve always heard to not make the move were hardware costs and lack of software available for the Mac platform. Well, Apple’s own bundled-with-every-box application suite, Appleworks, can meet all your basic business needs, and can easily share files with MS Office (which is available for Macs, anyway, if you’re inclined to spend the dough). The Mothership engineers are (finally) in the process of redesigning Appleworks, now dubbed “iWork,” and if the first pieces released are any indication, it’s gonna be smoking hot. And let’s face it: Microsoft doesn’t have shit to fight with against Apple’s iLife applications. Lowering the hardware costs by switching to the cheaper (and quicker) Intel chips helps level the playing field in a way that should make the folks in Redmond mighty worried this morning.

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