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Just Build It

Look, I could give a damn about the Olympics coming to NYC, but it would take an enormous effort, because I don’t believe for a second the IOC is going to give the 2012 Games to New York no matter what Bloomberg’s crew does or promises to do for those EU fuckers. Those Games are going to Paris, and I’d be willing to bet a month’s mortgage on it.

That said, I heartily agree with the New York Daily News:

It is in the interest of New York taxpayers – and especially in the interest of the millions who ride the subways, buses and commuter rails – that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno today give their blessings to construction of a stadium and convention center on Manhattan’s West Side.

Shelly Silver is New York’s pre-eminent scumbag politician, and Joe Bruno is a blatantly corrupt bastard, who both should be tarred, feathered, then together shoved in a barrel and sent over Niagara Falls. But because Albany is such a patently dysfunctional, brazenfaced fucking mess, these two shitheels have a say in this matter.

On their say-so rests whether New York gets a first-class facility that more than pays for itself, positions the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to reap well over $1 billion, creates thousands of jobs, spurs development in a fallow neighborhood, speeds an extension of the No. 7 subway line and keeps the city in the running for the 2012 Olympics, along with all the Games-related housing and recreational venues that are planned for the five boroughs.

The only reasons there is such a battle going on about building this stadium is because a) the Dolans are scared shitless of the idea of Madison Square Garden having competition for events, which is a joke…what, the friggin’ dog show is gonna relocate there? The circus? Any music act–like a U2 or the Rolling Stones–that can put that many asses in seats long ago decamped to the Meadowlands. The idea that the stadium would siphon business away from MSG is retarded–which sums up the Dolans’ entire modus operandi in a nutshell. They desperately need to be put up against a wall, because the real competition facing MSG is getting built over in Brooklyn.

Reason b) is Shelly, as is his wont, it looking for his usual extortion payout to agree to something that isn’t being done to directly enhance his downtown district:

Silver also argues – wrongly, we believe – that the rezoning of the neighborhood near the stadium site will siphon development from lower Manhattan. He is, in effect, holding the stadium hostage to persuade Gov. Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg to provide financial incentives, such as forgiveness of the commercial rent tax, to businesses that relocate downtown.

As for reason c), Bruno, like I said, and the NY Post tacitly points out in their editorial backing the stadium’s construction, he’s just a flat-out corrupt fuck:

Bruno, meanwhile, hasn’t said exactly why he’s down on the plan — though his son’s role as a paid lobbyist against it might throw some light on the question. (…snip…) Wednesday, he argued that only private investment should be used — which was odd, considering that the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium in Troy was named for the man who funneled $14 million in tax monies toward its construction.

Look, it’s either the stadium gets built, or nothing gets built. That bullshit residential/commercial plan the Dolan’s floated will disappear if the stadium plan gets squashed, because Shelly would never allow it to happen, period. It would threaten, on a far greater scale, all the crap he claims to be protecting downtown from in the current scenario.

And all you NIMBY Manhattanistas who complain about the traffic eight or so Jet games would bring into the city can just kiss my ass, because most of you fuckers don’t even own cars, so it wouldn’t effect your Sundays on anything remotely resembling an unacceptable level.

What building the stadium would do is allow the Javits Center to bring many, many more conventions, trade shows and expos to Manhattan, boosting tax revenue across the board by generating business for all the different service industries (like hotels, restaurants, etc) and union workers (you would howl if you knew how many people it takes to plug something in or build a kiosk at a union shop like the Javits) that would feed off all those people. Big ticket mega-events (like the proposed Super Bowl, or the NCAA’s Final Four) will be able to be seriously wooed by the city. Building the stadium would turn what is right now a hole in the ground into a cash cow.

So build it already!

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