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Archive for "Jun 03 2005"

Local 13th Grade Goes Global

I had seen this story earlier today and just shook my head in bemused satisfaction that when the usual politically correct commencement speaker that CUNY thrives on finally hit the local branch, the locals–like residents of “The Rock” are always ready to do–hit right back.

Best-selling author Erica Jong was booed and told to “Shut up!” and “Go Home!” during her 40-minute speech yesterday at the College of Staten Island’s commencement exercises.

As Ms. Jong, best known for her 1973 novel “Fear of Flying,” talked about everything from truth in advertising to truth in politics and the shallowness of public relations — but said precious little about graduation — some of the thousands in attendance on the great lawn at the college’s Willowbrook campus stood up and began to object loudly.

I mean, really, what the hell made them invite Erica Jong to CSI in the first place, other than her son-in-law being a member of the faculty? “Fear of Flying” is a thirty year old tome that most of the graduates most likely never encountered outside of a round of Trivial Pursuit, and it’s the only bit of writing Jong ever pumped out that gained any notice. She’s been living off that one book longer than the average CSI student’s probably been on the planet. Could they really not find someone, anyone, who was in the slightest way relevant to those graduates’ lives (as opposed to the college’s majordomos, who probably consider Jong an “important” author, because her book titillated them when they were students, or they used it in some nascent “Womens Studies” horseshit that earned them their tenure ride) or better yet, someone relevant to Staten Island itself?

But somehow the Puppy Blender got tipped to it, so now Marlene Springer and the rest of the dolts who run Staten Island’s chapter of the 13th grade get the global derision treatment for associating themselves and their college with that knee-jerk dumbass bitch. Sweet. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of PC-driven post modern pricks.

You Gotta Love ‘The Sun’

They actually troll for crap like this: Ultrasound ‘baby Jesus’

Girl’s mom sees Jesus’s face in her daughter’s ultrasound scan; gets all Christian and names her “Aaliyah.”

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Just Build It

Look, I could give a damn about the Olympics coming to NYC, but it would take an enormous effort, because I don’t believe for a second the IOC is going to give the 2012 Games to New York no matter what Bloomberg’s crew does or promises to do for those EU fuckers. Those Games are going to Paris, and I’d be willing to bet a month’s mortgage on it.

That said, I heartily agree with the New York Daily News:

It is in the interest of New York taxpayers – and especially in the interest of the millions who ride the subways, buses and commuter rails – that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno today give their blessings to construction of a stadium and convention center on Manhattan’s West Side.

Shelly Silver is New York’s pre-eminent scumbag politician, and Joe Bruno is a blatantly corrupt bastard, who both should be tarred, feathered, then together shoved in a barrel and sent over Niagara Falls. But because Albany is such a patently dysfunctional, brazenfaced fucking mess, these two shitheels have a say in this matter.

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