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Archive for "Jun 02 2005"

I’ll Bet You No Punk Kid Ever Stepped on their Lawn…Twice

Nearly 500 guns, including AK-47s and high-powered rifles, 500 pounds of gunpowder and 100,000 rounds of ammunition were taken Wednesday from the home of Elizabeth and Sherwin Raymond, both 82.

Arsenal found in elderly couple’s Ridgefield home

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I Love Staten Island

Think you’re tough, punk?

From photographer Clay Enos’s Take Pictures blog:

Now what I’ve failed to mention is that this was a birthday party for a friend from Staten Island. Not the toughest neighborhood kids on “The Rock” but let’s just say that Staten Island is the fighting capital of the world. Not gunplay like in Brooklyn, full-on fist-a-cuffs. Old-school.

So Enos is shooting pics (his web portfolio is here) as the party gets going, focusing on one couple who are getting all lambada’d about it on the dance floor, when the guy tells him he’ll punch Enos in the face if he takes another picture. Enos tries to cool the situation and the guy, dubbed “Aggro Boy,” again threatens to clock the photographer:

Now here’s where it gets amusing. Normally I am alone taking pictures. But today I’m at a party surrounded by people who, if they don’t know me well, at least know that I am friends with the man of the hour. Now run that through the Staten Island filter and POOF! My boyz got my back. Out of what seemed like nowhere, two guys known as Baratta (a.k.a. The Dog) and Zeug come up behind me. Baratta says smiling, “take another picture.” He says it so soon after the little aggro dancer says it that I almost think it’s an echo in my brain. It didn’t make any sense that anyone other than me could have heard what was said on the dance floor. It was between the kid and me. When I turned and saw these two guys ready to pounce, I was doubly impressed and a little worried. The Staten Island fight radar is very sensitive. [emphasis mine]

You should have taken the picture, dude. But posting the mook’s mug for all the world to see is a pretty good play on your part, you being a pacifist and all.

(hat tip Topical Island)

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You Pathetic Punkass Asshole Bastards


This was the night when the Big Unit was finally supposed to look like the pitcher the Yankees stalked for years, the way they stalked Roger Clemens. Instead, he was the second-best starter in the game, second to the immortal D.J. Carrasco.

But last night’s abomination–no matter how much I’d like to–can’t be laid on his doorstep:

Randy Johnson pitched well enough to win last night while working on the four days of rest he prefers. However, when you hurl in front of The Dead Bat Society, one mistake can kill you.

You useless fagbatting fucks are driving me nuts….

You will not like me if I go over the edge. I will find out where you bastards all live, by God, and it won’t be a bag of burning shit you’ll find on your doorsteps.

(Cross posted at the Darkside)

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