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Fighting the Hershey Highway Hussy

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You Punkass Bastards

Okay, the blood pressure has returned to its normal level of elevation, returned from yesterday’s Olympian heights with only mild damage done (no bloodletting; no televisions died; no walls were punched full of holes, but the Akita down the street will never again leap up on his fence and take a nip at me when I walk by his yard).

Look, Saturday’s blowout I could handle. After the run your had been on, I could write it off to karma. But getting handled–handled like a friggin’ American Legion team!–by fucking Boomer? When you knew Moose was flatter than I’ve ever seen in my life… Unforgivable.

PS: I hope Darth Boss George goes totally fucking bonkers and fires a full clip into the clubhouse, spraying it over the lot of you fuckers

You punkass bastards have to run the entire month of June before I’ll even have a semblance of trust that you aren’t this decade’s incarnation of the ’65 squad.

(Cross posted at the Darkside, where I will now go and either take my beating or start a fucking war, depending what the Fenway fuckwits having been saying the last couple days.)

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