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Broward pressures Art Guild to remove graphic painting of Bush from ‘Controversy’ exhibit

An explicit art piece at the private, nonprofit Broward Art Guild was removed from its prominent position in the gallery after the agency’s director received a phone call from the county’s Department of Cultural Affairs, which partially funds the group.

How the hell are you private if you accept public funds?

County Administrator Roger Desjarlais said Thursday the phone call placed by department director Mary Becht — and the subsequent decision to take the painting off the wall — will lead to an internal discussion of whether county agencies have the right to influence artistic decisions or fund certain exhibits.

If it’s your money, it’s your wall. Where’s the question?

The Broward Art Guild’s annual exhibit, entitled “Controversy,” caught the attention of Becht when she received a complaint from another artist in the show that an art piece entitled “Yahoo!” was offensive and inappropriate.

Let’s repeat: the title of the exhibit is “Controversy.”

The piece in question is a painting depicting President Bush being sodomized. Artist Alfred Phillips said images of an oil barrel and a man wearing a Muslim headdress in the work are part of a political statement about the United States being abused by oil companies.

Okay…that pretty controversial. I mean, you could have had some bent-nosed JOO! fucking the Prez up his ass…though you’d lose the oil motif.

Michael Friedman, the artist who complained to the county, said the painting is offensive and tasteless.

“Something snapped inside,” he said. Friedman himself entered a piece depicting Pope Benedict XVI with several swastikas in the background.

YOW! There’s that JOO! thing popping up, just like I called it. It’s bloody insidious!

Lemme get this straight: implying the Pope is a Nazi=Good Art. Implying USA getting fucked by Arab Oil=BAD Art.

Is that the gist?

“Sodomy in a public forum is not, from my perspective, considered art,” he said.

Never been to the Castro, eh? You missed all that Mapplethorpe hullabaloo, and you call your (presumably) virgin ass “artiste“?

“I think somebody has to draw the line somewhere. I like political satire. However, that type of image … I don’t think is artistic.”

Whereas portraying the current Pontiff, spiritual leader of something on the upswing of a billion souls, as a member of a notorious butcher squad because he was a German teen at a certain point in time has, what…nuance?

The exhibit’s organizers accepted the Bush painting into the show, saying there was a relevant political message, Buzzi said. The show includes about 45 pieces of art that generally make some kind of social or political statement. Another piece depicts Bush dressed as the Statue of Liberty and holding a tablet with a swastika on it. Yet another piece shows two American soldiers carrying a dead body into a car.

Shit like this is all the explaining you need to make sense of what drew Drew Curtis over at FARK to finally just give up and give “FLORIDA” its own damn tag.

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