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Archive for "May 24 2005"

At Least He is Consistent

“There was no misinterpretation. It is very clear what he said and it is very clear that we understood what he said,” Sharpton told reporters.

“If I step on your toe, I should apologize. I should not say that I regret that you think your foot hurts,” Sharpton said.

My Way News

I don’t–never could believe–I’m on the (fake) Rev “Light Bullshit on Fire” side, but here you go:

“There is no way you can say that the Mexicans have integrity and they will do jobs that even the blacks won’t do without saying by ‘even the blacks’ that you consider us less than others,” he said.

Yeah, Allie! Go beat up something other than us white boys.

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NHL as Burger King?

Chris is right: Why the hell not? Bettmann and those freaks have drilled it into the ground; why not let Bain take it over and run it like a real franchise operation?

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